What you allow is what will continue

What you allow is what will continueSo I found this picture on Facebook this evening and thought to myself how few words it was, but the impact it can have. I am not sure who came up with this but in a nutshell it could be the answer to a lot of problems that I hear people complain about on a daily basis.

Let’s face it… we all see and hear things that could drum up a response such as the one I’m writing about. The big question is weather we act on it! Let it be known that I understand that some problems are much larger than others but on the other hand, the more people who band together to solve an issue the greater the impact can be. One person can not always do it alone.

So I challenge you with this…. “What are you willing to help change for yourself and/or for the greater good of others?”


The afternoon before RAGBRAI 2013!!

Ragbrai2013_CouncilBluffsJuly 20, 2013 was the day before Ragbrai XLI 2013 officially started. It was a wonderful day with the sun shining bright and loads of bicyclists all gathered to do the same thing as I was… ¬†We were going to ride across the state of Iowa from Counsel Bluffs, IA to Burlington, IA over the next week starting the following day.

Ragbrai was entering it’s 41st annual bike ride across Iowa with thousands of bicyclists from all ages young and old. Some can sum of the whole experience as one massive party on wheels. I am one of those that can totally agree with that statement.

This Ragbrai was going to be a special one. I was going to get to see a couple friends through the end of ride this time as last year they fell ill during the ride.

Ragbrai here we come!!